Cabana Reservation Confirmation

Thank you for reserving your cabana.

Please print this information for your records.
We do send a confirmation email however they occasional get lost.

If you need to cancel your reservation please email us at: info@royalpalmscayman.com

We look forward to seeing you

First Name – {Name (First):6.3} – Last Name – {Name (Last):6.6}

Cabana Location – {Royal Palms Beach Cabana (Name):2.1}

Number of Cabanas  – {Royal Palms Beach Cabana (Quantity):2.3}

Cabana Reservation Date – {Beach Cabana Requested Date:1}

Name of Ship – {Name of Vessel:5}

Reservation Code  – {Unique ID:12}



The most reliable mode of transport from the cruise ship port to Royal Palms is via taxi. Standard fare is $4 US per person each way.  Taxis are readily available throughout the date at the port and Royal Palms!

Please note, regrettably some taxi operators will tell you that the Royal Palms is closed/under construction to take you farther up the beach for an additional cab fare…

We are not closed and the Royal Palms is not under construction.

There is road works being completed at the front of the property but this does not affect the beach club.

The conduct of some of the taxi operators is regrettable but it does not reflect the true Cayman spirit.

If you encounter this attitude, we would request that you note the name of the taxi operator and let us know when you visit the Royal Palms.

Please enjoy your visit to our little piece of paradise